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Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai was established in 2016 and since has shown exemplary growth as a premier Indian institute by nurturing technical competence and holistic development of its students. Student Alumni Cell, IIT Bhilai is a student body incepted in the year 2020, soon after the first batch graduated aspiring to connect “dreamers with achievers”. SAC aims to establish a positive synergy between the venerable alumni and their alma mater. SAC endeavours to bridge the gap and provide the present students required guidance to emerge as trailblazers. The assets of the country as well as the institute are their students, with just a certain amount of twitching in the time. SAC connects both to conspire and venture towards each other’s growth. Under the aegis of illustrious alumni of IIT Bhilai, SAC as the backbone, ambitions to equip the present students to adjudge the right direction and grow. With collective efforts, SAC will act as a pillar of trust of the IIT Bhilai Alumni Fraternity.

Student Alumni Cell runs under the aegis of Alumni affairs and is completely volunteered by the student body. Student Alumni Cell conducts talks, webinars by meritorious graduates of a variety of programmes of IIT Bhilai for the benefit of current students. As the connection between the generations of students blossoms, the Student Alumni Cell of IIT Bhilai endeavours to create a flourishing Alumni Network by undertaking several initiatives.

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